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Amanda's Story:
A Quest for Enlightenment


Amanda Cramer sees herself as an ordinary middle aged housewife who is the mother of a daughter, Joan, and grandmother of three-year-old Jamie She has been quite content with this vision of herself and has never entertained dreams of being anything more. After all, her life is the pattern for most women, is it not? In fact, she feels luckier than most as James is a loving husband, and their daughter and precious granddaughter live close by. Yet she has to admit that there are times when she feels unfulfilled.
However, things start to change when a likeable woman named Judy moves across the street from her. It isn't long until the two become friends and Amanda's life begins to broaden. Even though Judy has some unfamiliar spiritual beliefs, Amanda doesn't let that concern her, and Judy never tries to push her spiritual ideology. The more Amanda sees of Judy the closer their friendship becomes.
When Amanda starts having flashbacks that take her back into the time of Jesus in the holy lands, her life begins to change rapidly and Judy becomes her forte. Magical things start to happen and both friends find themselves in a tangled web, having to deal with their families' reactions as well as their own amazing discoveries. A mysterious book that appears on Amanda's coffee table adds to the convoluted but exciting circumstances that lead them into new ways of thinking and the discovery of their life's purpose.
Each time she visits her "other world", as she calls it, Amanda learns more about the life and teachings of Jesus and brings home a greater understanding of what he taught and how to adapt his words to her daily life. With each new treasure brought back, the words are typed and put into a manuscript, for Jesus tells her the words are not just for her but for all who seek enlightenment. After each visit she reads her magic book, which expands on each subject and applies it to the world today.

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